Students Opinion

Mohini Kosare
(2016-19 GNM batch)

I take pride in selecting SB Nursing Institute to pursue my dream to become a nurse and serve humanity. I thank my parents for helping me to choose this establishment and thereby achieve my goal.

Bhaware Rahul Sudhakar
(2015-18 GNM batch)

Teachers here work close with their students which allow them to understand their strengths and difficulties of each individual. They are all caring and interested in student's well being. This makes SB stand out from other institutions.

Adheshina Zainab Hannah
(2016-19 GNM batch)

I travelled to India with so many apprehensions. However, it all vanished after I joined SB. I was welcomed by the management, staff and seniors who really took away all my angst and fears. I would definitely recommend this institution to my fellow mates in Nigeria.

Subhash Kumar
Nursing Officer
Medanta Medcity Hospital

I express my sincere and honest gratitude to all faculty members for shaping my future and preparing me to face the challenges of tomorrow. The training I received at SB was not just academic but also trained to be a good human being and a responsible citizen.

Nithin Raj R
Nursing Officer
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raichur

Our teachers were not just trainers; they were protectors too. Though each teacher was different in their way, they all taught and demonstrated to be caring and compassionate which helped SB Nursing students to practice in clinical field too.

Deena Sebastian
Registered Nurse
Welligton Hospital, New Zealand

Healing patients physically, emotionally and spiritually were taught to us by our experienced faculties. I value the relationship between instructors and students. I treasure all that I have learned at SB and wish that I can be as good a nurse as I was taught to be.

Umer Jhan
B.Sc Nursing (2013-17 batch)
Nursing Officer
Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital And Research Center

Good teachers don't just improve your grades. They change your perspectives, leaving a last impression on your life. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers who are supportive and committed to developing the next generation.

M. Sc Nursing (2015-17 batch)
Shift In-Charge
Primary Health Center, Allipur

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the teachers who have guided and help me to build a wonderful career. I thank almighty and the management of SB College of Nursing for giving me an opportunity to study here.

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