Other Facilities


We have round the clock security facilities in our college. No student is permitted to leave college hours during class hours without permission of Principal.



Students are given tea break at 11am. We provide tea and snacks to all students for free. On special occasions varieties of dishes are prepared and served.


We have transport facilities to commute students to college, to hostel, clinical areas, observation visits etc.

Clinical facilities

Clinical training is vital to become a true professional. SB School and College of Nursing has tied up with major private hospitals for training. In addition students have access to government hospitals to get a one on one training and learning experience.

Our dedicated and expert staff also imparts and supervises clinical presentation, bedside clinic and incidental teaching to enhance students learning.

For practical exposure, students are taken to below clinical facilities:

  • General Hospital, Yelahanka
  • Akash Hospital
  • Navachetana Hospital
  • Sushrusha Nursing Home
  • Cadabam Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre
  • Spandana Psychiatry Hospital
  • Areas under Attur PHC (Urban)
  • Areas under Bettahalasur CHC (Rural)

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