Master of Social Work (MSW)

Course Duration: 2 years

Mode of Admission: Direct

Hostel facilities available for both boys & girls

Course Structure

  • I Sem
  • II Sem
  • III Sem
  • IV Sem
Sl. No. Paper Code Subjects
1 SWHCP-1.1 Introduction to social work and contemporary ideologies for social work profession
2 SWHCP-1.2 Social science perspectives for social work practice
3 SWHCP-1.3 Methods of working with people-I Social Case Work
4 SWHCP-1.4 Methods of working with people-II Social Group Work
5 SWHCP-1.5 Methods of working with people-III Community Organization
6 SWHCP-1.6 Personal and Professional Growth
7 SWHCP-1.7 Social Work Field Practicum-I: Orientation Visits
Sl. No. Paper Code Subjects
1 SWHCP-2.1 Social policy, planning and social legislation
2 SWHCP-2.2 Research in social work and application of computers and statistics
3 SWHCP-2.3 Counseling: Theory and Practice
4 SWHCP-2.4 Social Work Practice with vulnerable/Marginalized and Under privileged sections of the Society
5 SWHCP-2.5 Communication for social work practice
6 SWHCP-2.6 Social work field practicum-II Concurrent field work
7 SWHCP-2.7 Social work field practicum-III: Social work camp
Sl. No. Paper Code Subjects
1 SWHCP-3.1 Human Resource Management and Development
2 SWHCP-3.2 Organization Behavior and Development
3 SWHCP-3.3 Social work Intervention in Health Care
4 SWHCP-3.4 Urban, Rural and Tribal Community Development
5 SWHCP-3.5 Social Movements and Social Action
6 SWHCP-3.6 Social Work Field Practicum-IV Visit to innovation projects/Initiatives
7 SWHCP-3.7 Social Work Field Practicum-V: Concurrent field work
Sl. No. Paper Code Subjects
1 SWHCP-4.1 Industrial Relations and Labor Legislation
2 SWHCP-4.2 Medical and Psychiatric Social work
3 SWHCP-4.3 Social welfare and development administration
4 SWHCP-4.4 Project formulation & management
5 SWHCP-4.5 Project work: Dissertation/Case Study
6 SWHCP-4.6 Social work field practicum-VI: Concurrent field work
7 SWHCP-4.7 Social work field practicum-VII Block placement

Master of Social Work Syllabus & Content

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