Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Finance is the pillar of any organsiation or enterprise. Having competent financial professionals always boosts the growth of organizations and in the smooth flow of operations. This course affiliated to Bangalore University, equips students with the requisite skill and knowledge of the domain. The course is well structured and the faculty ensures that the students are exposed to the real corporate world needs.

The expert faculty through innovative methods of learning delivers the course to make students aware of the contemporary financial world and the managerial skills associated with it. With this the students are confident and competent to enter the world of corporate finance. The course content is made relevant through real time application of knowledge and skill enhancement providing the students a platform to further their career.

Course Structure

  • I Sem
  • II Sem
  • III Sem
  • IV Sem
  • Electives
Sl. No. Subjects
1.1 Monetary System
1.2 International Business
1.3 Macro Economics for Business Decisions
1.4 Information System and Computers
1.5 Advanced Financial Management
1.6 Human Resource Management
1.7 SOFT CORE Communication skills
Sl. No. Subjects
2.1 Indian Banking
2.2 Risk Management
2.3 Advanced E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce
2.4 Business Research Methods
2.5 Operations Research & Quantitative Techniques
2.6 Business Marketing
2.7 SOFT CORE Micro Finance
Sl. No. Subjects
3.1 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
3.2 Elective Paper - I
3.3 Elective Paper - II
3.4 Elective Paper - III
3.5 Elective Paper - IV
3.6 Open Elective
Sl. No. Subjects
4.1 Commodity Markets
4.2 Elective Paper - V
4.3 Elective Paper - VI
4.4 Project Report and Viva
Sl. No. Subjects
5.1 Accounting and Taxation
5.2 Finance and Banking

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