Master of Business Administration (MBA)

SBM introduced the MBA course in keeping in mind the need of the hour. This course facilitates students to learn about the business environment. The B-School affiliated to Bangalore University with proficient and industry experienced staff mentors and facilitates students to learn the ropes of business functions. The course spread over two years offers

With industry interface being a part of the programme the students are well aware of the current scenario in the business, entrepreneurial and financial world. Industry experts provide the much needed insight to students through various guest lectures, seminars and workshops. Through Internships students get a first hand working knowledge of the corporate world, the challenges that exist, the strategies adopted and so on. This arms them to face the challenges once out of college.

SBM aspires to be one of the most sought after of business schools by capturing opportunities that the dynamic business environment is presenting today.

Course Structure

  • I Sem
  • II Sem
  • III Sem
  • IV Sem
  • Electives
Sl. No. Subjects
1.1 Economics for Managers
1.2 Organizational Behaviour
1.3 Accounting for Managers
1.4 Statistics for Management
1.5 Marketing for Customer Value
1.6 Business and Industry
1.7 Communication Skills
Sl. No. Subjects
2.1 Technology for Management
2.2 Managerial Research Methods
2.3 Entrepreneurship and Ethics
2.4 Human Capital Management
2.5 Financial Management
2.6 Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research
2.7 Innovation Management
Sl. No. Subjects
3.1 Strategic Management & Corporate Governance
3.2 Projects and Operations Management
3.3 Electives-1
3.4 Electives-2
3.5 Electives-3
Sl. No. Subjects
4.1 Strategic Management & Corporate Governance
4.2 Electives-1
4.3 Electives-2
4.4 Electives-3
Sl. No. Subjects
5.1 Finance
5.2 Marketing
5.3 Human Resources
5.4 Health Care Management
5.5 Banking Finance and Insurance Services Management (BFIS)
5.6 Startups and SMES Management

M.B.A syllabus & Content

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