About SB College Of Management Studies - Overview

SB Institutions Overview of SBCMS in North Bangalore

SB College of Management is a place where the true potential of the individual is recognized and brought to the core. Established in 2007 SB College of Management Studies aims to provide quality education and ready to enter the necessary skills. We at SB college of Management Studies pride in nurturing the talent of our students. With a dedicated and expert faculty always willing to go that extra mile, one can find an atmosphere of learning through facilitation.

Keeping abreast of the latest in the corporate world is essential and we at SB College of Management Studies know the need to have a wider look at the skills needed. The College believes in industry experts’ interaction with the students and holds seminars and workshops to give a more robust learning process.

Students are encouraged to take part in sports and other co curricular activities to evolve as well rounded individuals who can take up leadership roles in the society. SB College of Management Studies is a premier institution that fosters a sense of understanding and empathy so that they emerge as leaders who work towards sustainable growth and inclusiveness.

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